Charcoal for professional barbecue purposes.


We have various types of charcoal from different kinds of wood such as beach, Quebracho blanco and Marabu, coming from various regions like Africa, Asia and South-America. The main features of our charcoal are as follows

- long combustion period

- high carbon content

- high calorific value

- no sparks

BBQ charcoal briquettes

Our premium BBQ charcoal briquettes are characterized by long burning time as well as particularly high carbon content and calorific value. The briquettes are made from natural raw material that is from unprocessed sawdust and without the help of any chemicals or binders.


Due to the long burning time of at least 5-6 hours and the high carbon content of more than 80%, the product is particularly suitable for professional applications. Moreover our grill charcoal briquettes meet the quality criteria DIN EN 1860-2: 2005-6